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F/W 1.0 vs 1.1


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Hello Ram Guy,


I currently have 2 F120 Corsair SSD, one with firmware 1.0 and other with 1.1. Can i use parted magic to secure erase both SSD?


I have purchased 1st a F120, with the serial: 10266504600000000136 (firmware 1.0), and installed Windows 7 on it. After 1 month of use, i decided to purchase another to put in RAID0, this one came with the serial: 10336509610009980110 (firmware1.1).


(Edit:) I would like to secure erase my first F120(firmware 1.0), to restore the performance and to put in RAID with my 2nd F120(firmware 1.1).


(Edit:)I would like to know, if possible, the feedback of anyone who had secure erased a Force Series SSD with 1.0 Firmware.


Thanks all in Advance.


ps - I apologize myself in advance for using this post, but i was afraid of the SMART Error in RAID0.

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I Ram Guy,


Thx for the PM, but i'm having problems dialing the phone number, it must be the US codes that im dialing wrong.


Since i leave in Portugal, can u please contact me to my personal Gmail? or skype? or another internet tool that u can suggest. it would be less expensive for me.


Thx again for ur time.





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