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Tightening timings at lower speeds or OC


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I know from browsing the forum that similar questions have been asked previously, so apologies, but I require specific answer.


I am currently in the process of overclocking my i5 750 to 3.6GHz and have a 4GB set (2x2GB) of CM3X2G1333C9 modules. With a base clock of 180MHz I can either use a memory divider of 2:8 which gives me 1440MHz or 2:6 which gives me 1080MHz for the ram.


I have been able to tighten the timings from 9-9-9-24 to 8-8-8-22 at 1080 using the rated voltage (1.5V). However, it seems I cannot pass LinX at 7-7-7-20, so I guess I will need to raise the VDimm (and possibly the Vtt) to be able to achive this.


What I would like to know is is it safe to raise the voltage for these sticks to achive this at 1080MHz as long as it is below 1.65V, or can they only run at 1.5V. Conversely, could I run the sticks at 1440 (I was almost successful at Cas11 timings at 1.5V) and raise the voltage safely to get say Cas 10 timings stable. Which option, if any, would be the safest if I am not the fry my ram, or should I stay at 8-8-8-22 and 1080?


Many thanks!

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Number of reads doesn't equal number of people who've read it. Spider bots are a good percentage of the count.


Ooops sorry, my bad! :!oops:


The RAM can likely run OK @ 1.6V but your Mobo/CPU may not like it as some other folks have experienced issues by jacking the DIMM voltage on iCore CPUs.


Thanks - will give it a try

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