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F60 way to slow on Asus F50SF Laptop....


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Well as I said...I bought Corsair F60 and here's what I get in return:



I don't have any option for AHCI in BIOS, but even without it I should get double the result i got now...

Using Windows 7 x64 Ultimate, fresh install.

My Laptop is ASUS F50SF and it's pretty powerfull and pretty new.

Can someone help me?


Posted this thread in bad section, but I can't delete it and don't want to double thread...Hope someone will see this thread...

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You are right...thank you for answer...I always thought that new laptop's come with sata 2 and that sata 1 is only in old ones...

I google'd and it seem's that almost all new laptop's still come with sata 1...

And most manufacturers don't even bother to write this important information in specifications and they should becouse SSD's are getting popular all over the world...


About Corsair F60 - I can say only good thing's, I'm getting half speed that i should get becouse of my laptop limitation's but all in all I have much better performace and my laptop is responsive as hell and that's more than good for me.


Good luck and thank's for Corsair from Lithuania!

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