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Time to get a replacement


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when I connect the USB key on a PC; sometimes it is recognized, sometimes not. When it is recognized, it works a few minutes and then disconnect. It is not working on different PC and system, Windows and Linux. It never happen before and I don't think it is related to the system: when not working the blue LED is not blinking at all (no power?)


After asking for a RMA, I sent the USB Key the 1st september to:

Attn: RMA Department

Corsair B.V.

Veluwezoom 50, 1327 AH

Almere, The Netherlands


With Case number: 1633224

How long should it take to get the replacement of the part?



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  • Corsair Employee

I am sorry but you would need to contact our customer service and see if there is anything that can be done but the case number does not show the unit was received.


I have sent them a message and asked them to contact you but it would be best if you contact them.

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