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Case fan speed control w/ 550VX


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Hi everyone,


I just installed my new 550VX PSU and have my system up and running. My problem is that my case fan is now running at maximum speed. My old PSU, from another company, had a 4-pin cable labeled "fan only" that would regulate the speed of my case fan based on the case's internal temperature. I didn't see one on the 550VX and can't find any reference to this capability in the manual.


Is there any way that the 550VX can slow my case fan down and make it temperature sensitive once again? One of the reasons I bought the 550VX was that it has a reputation for being very quiet, but with my case fan running at full tilt my computer has become much noisier. :(:


Thank you for any suggestions!

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Any longer answer then? Are there any alternatives to regulating my case fan speed? I had assumed the "fan only" connector on my old power supply was standard now... so what are my options for getting a quiet computer again?


Thank you.


Edit: Thanks Ram Guy. I'll check that out when I get home later today.

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