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Need Motherboard Suggestions for CMT6GX3M3A2000C8


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**No longer need motherboard suggestions, BUT I do need help getting 24/7 stability 4.0ghz and DDR3-2000 ram.**


I currently have a ASRock X58 which is causing me compatibility issues,


I just want to find a motherboard that has these memory sticks supported.




Planning to OC i7 950.

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I've tried XMP and it fails to boot every time.

Instead I manually overclocked it to get it max of DDR3 1900.

But its a hit and miss situation. It never stays stable.


I've tried XMP, I've tried EZ Overclock, OC to 4.0ghz.

And it just doesn't seem like it works.


I haven't tried OCing the i7 950 as I just got it and I'm looking for a good motherboard that supports the ram.

The issues I had were with a i7 930.

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Unfortunately I still have yet to reach DDR3-2000 stable.


After getting a ******** Frio I've been able to REACH DDR3-2000 but doing a Prime95 fails within a few minutes.


And honestly, I don't know where to start with overclocking. I just use the EZ-Clock features on the motherboard.

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