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I have 1GB and want to add 2GB more


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I have used the memory configurator and found the memory compatible with my motherboard.


The responses to some of the questions are really confusing me!


I have the VS1GBKIT400 installed. I was going to buy the VS2GBKIT400C3 and pop them into the unused slots, but from what I read here this seems to not be advisable.


So will the VS2GBKIT400C3 work with the VS1GBKIT400C3, or should I get 2 VS2GBKIT400C3.



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I'm not really looking for a guarantee, just educated guess on whether they would work/what would work.


If I pull the current kit out, and replace it with two of these kits..VS2GBKIT400C3, are the chances likely/more than likely they will work, but you just can't guarantee it.


I only looking to maximize my memory by utilizing all 4 slots on MB.



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