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Survivor GTR 32 Dead after one day!


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Hello, everibody.

This is my first sad post.


My GTR survivor 32 has stopped working after only one day.


It worked in FAT 32 with small file but, when formatted in NTFS or Exfat filesystems, it never succedded in loading file > 4 Gybyte.



Now it blink continuosly and is not recognised anymore.


Is there a tool to fix the problem, I mean a Corsair or a third parties tool not invalidating the warranty?


As I paid 95€ on an Italian online shop i obviously would prefer to be refunded.....




What shall I do, do I have to pay for delivery from Italy to the US? It would cost me as half the stick itself....



Please answer me!!!


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I am sorry I would not see the drive before its sent out, but you can format it to NTFS just go to Device manager then right click on the drive in Disk drives and select properties then under Policies select Optimize for Performance then when you go to format the drive NTFS will be an option.
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