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Buzzing sound on VX450W


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There's a high-pitched buzzing sound coming from the PSU, it's been happening for about 2 weeks now. I never heard this kind of noise before so I didn't think it was the PSU. I simply started testing the parts, and once I changed the PSU back to the old one, the noise was no more. I tested the noisy PSU on two other computers to confirm that it was that, lo' and behold, the PSU was making the noise. I have read the stickies about the noisy PSU, but to no avail. Also plugged directly to the wall outlet, no dice.


It happens whenever it's under load. I scroll, click, launch a program, do anything on the computer. It was like this on all 3 machines.


I sent a tech support express yesterday, but I haven't been contacted yet. The Tech Support Express case is 1657525. I figured it wouldn't hurt my chances of posting here as well, maybe it can speed it up.


I want to keep this PSU until a replacement arrives. Is it possible to do that? Will I be charged extra for it? I bought the PSU from Newegg on August 5, 2010. It is my first time buying from Corsair, please don't let it be my last.

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