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Airflow Pro beige connector?


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I like the Airflow Pro (I'm a sucker for pretty lights :biggrin:), I was wondering what the beige connector does. There is a beige connector, six black connectors for the RAM, and a power connector. I can't figure out what the beige connector does. A programming port perhaps?


I was also curious if I understood the functionality, based on a comment in the "Corsair Airflow PRO Quick Install Guide". On page 3, section 3, it says "Don’t worry,even if you only have two modules, all six LED banks will still light up with peak or average memory activity". The device only has three columns of LEDs on it (although it says it "supports" six sticks). Are three "up" and three "down" when there are six sticks of RAM being connected? If so, then six LEDs in the center are one for each stick, right? I assume it detects how many sticks, and utilizes one, two, three, etc. sets of LEDs to support six, three, two, etc. installed sticks of RAM?

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