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TX 850 low 12v readings


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Over the last few weeks I've noticed a trend. My 12v readings have been dipping to 11.58v which while within specs, it causes(d) a noticeable dip in performance in games.


Well I came here today because I noticed it hit 11.07 while testing Nvidia drivers for Mercenaries 2 as the newer ones seem to cause what I can only describe as "smearing" in game in areas where buildings/props have been destroyed.


I had cleared my min/max readings in CPUID Hardware Monitor so I opened Furmark and ran it, my readings while it was running are attached.


I just ran it again with Furmark 1.8.2 as I was using 1.7.0 before, I logged it with HWMonitor Pro and attached the 12v results.



Edit: I keep HWMonitor running to monitor my CPU temps, that's how I noticed the initial dips to 11.58v.



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What are the chances it was a fluke? Or rather power issues(input)?


I ask because today after the computer being asleep for quite a while, I get up and notice it now idles at 12.35v vs the 12.22v it has been idling at. So I ran Furmark again and it didn't go out of spec, it bottomed out at 11.58.


I just ran it again and recorded the results once in benchmark mode and again in Stability Test mode. I attached the results.



I ask because I'd rather not have to tear my computer apart and then waste Corsair's time/money replacing what could be a perfectly functional PSU and my own money sending mine back.



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Unless you are experiencing instability within Windows, I would suspect that the software is not accurate. You might want to try some alternative software and see if the results match with the current software you are using. Also you can double check to see what readings you are getting in the BIOS and see if they match up.
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I am going to acquire a Digital Voltmeter/MM and test. As I said earlier no sense wasting mine and Corsair's time and money if the PSU is good.


Is there a recommended method? I would assume it would have to be running and under load to get the results I am looking for. I read a guide on one of the many Overclocking sites that mentioned using an unused Molex to test.


Measuring The 12V Rail


For this you just need the 4-pin Molex. Insert the red probe into the yellow 12v connector, and the black probe into any black Ground connector on the Molex:

Sound safe(warranty wise) to you?

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