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Have not heard anything about my RMA, despite delivery.


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TSX Case #1639888


Not sure what to do now. I have an active Tech Express RMA, it was issued on 9/3/2010 for my Corsair H70 as two of the screw holes in the radiator are stripped which prevents proper mounting to my 800D. Anyway I shipped it the same day (9/3/2010) and it was confirmed delivered on (9/7/2010). I waited three days for it to possibly make it into their system but it never showed as received, so I emailed you guys about it and got this response on 9/10/2010


Dear Matt,


Thank you for contacting Corsair!


We apologize for the delay and inconvenience. I will make sure that you unit gets received in today and we will process your replacement right away.


Thank you!




Removed (please don't post names, emails and direct numbers on the forum!)


46221 Landing Parkway

Fremont, Ca 94538

Toll Free: 888.222.4346

T: 510.657.8747

F: 510.743.1188



And here we are four days later and it is still not in the system. I mean hell if I knew this was going to happen I would have just continued to use my H70 despite the two screw holes being stripped... I am just not sure if this is normal for Corsair as this is my first ever RMA with you guys, or should I start worrying?


Here is the shipping address I used, directly from the USPS Click-N-Ship confirmation email. I also wrote on all sides of the box the RMA number and included a copy of the premade corsair label on the inside along with the RMA details.


Shipped to:





FREMONT CA 94538-6407


PS. Is there anyway to get a couple of those 3M foam pads for the back of the mounting bracket as mine kind of got mangled when I pulled the backplate off to install my stock cooler. Thanks.


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