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Many problems with new build


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I have built a new system (specs in profile). After numerous problems, I returned the MoBo to OC who returned it to me saying there was nothing wrong.

I started fresh this morning and finally got Windows 7 64bit installed. All updates in and have the latest drivers for my ATI Radeon HD 5000 series graphics card.

The system froze a few time installing Windows and the updates but recovered OK after I hit reset.


I did the installation with 2 X 2GB Ram and once the Windows updates were all finished I added the other 2 X 2GB ram making 8GB in total.

The minute I restarted, it got as far as "loading operating sytem" and hangs.

All the Ram is seated properly.

I have had to take out 2 pieces to get it to boot.

Even when it is up and running with 4GB Ram, it still freezes after a bit.

I have no idea what to do next.

Any help appreciated.

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The RAM you have is tested and approved for the Intel i5-i7 series CPUs not the AMD Phenom II CPUs. That may or may not be the issue. It's also worth noting that all modules should be of the same revision to play nice so take a look at the labels on each module to confirm they are the same Rev.


I'd suggest checking the BIOS which has probably set the DIMM voltage to 1.5V. I'd set the RAM voltage to 1.6V and try booting with just memory in the first two slots and run for awhile to see if you get any freezes. If this works without issues then you could try adding the other two modules and test. Also note that when you add the other two modules, you will likely need to slow the memory timings to like 11-11-11-30. Unfortunately there is no guarantee this memory will work for your AMD system as it's approved for the Intel systems only.


Assuming your PSU is 450+ watts and in good shape you should be OK. Test and report.

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The AMD approved DDR3 RAM is listed at the link below.


Be advised that some of the Corsair memory listed on the AMD DDR3 Approved section seems to be for Intel i5-i7 series OR possibly dual-rated. I'd make sure if you are getting new RAM that you chose RAM that has been tested and approved specifically for your AMD system -- to insure compatibility. If Corsair is dual rating some of this memory they should make it clear or correct their listings to eliminate confusion.


The TW3X4G1333C9 is one example of a possible dual rating? Unfortunately they list it as i5-i7 approved in the AMD DDR3 section... The dual rating should be stated clearly to eliminate confusion. :confused:



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I formatted the drive and installed Windows 7 64bit without a hitch !!!!!!!!

I downloaded all the updates and am about to make a backup image.


What happened this time that was different, was that I used two sticks of a matched pair BUT this time I inserted them into slot 3 and 4 and left 1 and two empty.


Does this tell you anything ?

Should I try your suggestion as to the ram settings and then add the other two sticks ?

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