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Does my Corsair 650TX provide enough power?


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Hello I'm new to the forum, my system keeps rebooting when first power on. Usually it will boot into windows and within 2-3mins does a reboot power supply will power off then back on. Usually after this random reboot it will function without any problems through out the night.


I mostly play World of Warcraft, sometimes I will experience a freeze/lockup with windows 7 indicating that the display driver caused an error and have resumed. The lockup usually goes from 30 secs to 2mins. But it usually resumes back to normal. I wonder if there's a power issue with this.


Current Specs I'm using are:


Intel C2Q Q6600 g0 @ 3.6ghz 1.54v

MSI P45 Neo2

BFG ATI Radeon 4890

Intel 80gb gen2 SSD

4x WD Blue Cavier 500gb raided.

Samsung DVDRW


Corsair H50 Water cooler

******** 900 Case w/ 5x 120mm fan and a 200mm fan.


Am I under powering this setup w/ a Corsair 650TX?


I've ran Prime95 w/ 4 cores at 100% usage overnight w/ no lock up problems. But it seems when I run games it will lock up randomly for 30secs-2mins then resumes with no problems. This happens about once or twice a night. I game about 4-6 hours a night.


Temperature looks fine as Speedfan indicates core temp hovering around 45-50C when gaming.


Thanks for any input.

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Looks like you should have plenty of power for that configuration. I would start off by running http://www.memtest.org and make sure you are not having any memory related problems. Also, you may want to try booting up into safe mode. If you can't duplicate the problems while booting into safe mode then there is likely a driver/software problem.
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Thanks for the quick response! You just saved me a trip to Fry's. I've tested the memory w/ memtest last month with no problems. It's been a lingering problem for a couple of months now. I just don't have time to deal with it till now since it works fine after reboot. I will try the safe mode test you suggested.
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