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CMD4GX3M2A1600C9 have rebate during august? , also addition question.


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Hi, first time poster.


I would like to ask what is the differences between CMD4GX3M2A1600C9 vs CMD4GX3M2AC1600C9




I thought the ram i bought from ncix in this duration actually have rebate because i saw it on their site when i ordered. I want to make sure before i sent in.


Also i am currently asking ncix, but might as well ask here too, I have orders with NCIx since 11th august and i paid them a fee to assemble. However, in midst of the assemble, they are having issue so they advice me to change the PSU, mobo, and ram.


I got the TX950 and dominator 2x2gb dual channel 1600 c9 ram changes on the 26th august, however, they did not document it in my receipt and leave it as "11th august", after almost 1 month of PC assemble (don't know why they took so long), i finally pick up yesterday.


My question is will i get those 2 rebate MIR this way ? the receipt did not put in the days i said to change. While they charge me base on that's week deal and i was thinking it base on MIR i saw during that week (26th of august).


Thank you.

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CMD4GX3M2A1600C9 - That's a new part number to me. No idea what the C stands for at that location.


If NCIX delayed delivery which in turn delayed your being able to apply for the rebate (if it applies of course), they should take care of you as you had good faith that they'd deliver according to a schedule (assuming they gave you one of course).

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