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Weird issue with my Force 60gb


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I installed everything correctly, i hope, AHCI is on and win7 64bit installed.


i used the ATTO benchmark and i was seeing writes of 272mb and reads of 286mb so speed is great.


but whenever i start or reboot i get an message saying "sata port1 error" "press f1 to continue"


when i hit f1 it says "checking nram" or something close to nram, it blinks really fast, then win7 loads and everything seems fine.


my mb is asus px58d-e, i have the ssd in port1 on the ich10r satas(set to ahci) and my dvd and other hdd on the 2 marvell sata ports(set to IDE).


what is going on?

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I will try that when i get home today, but will having the dvd and hdd on sata ports set to ahci affect them?


i also noticed something else thats even a little more disturbing.


last night was the first time i left my pc on all night, when i woke up this morning it was a black screen that said, "Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot drive".

i rebooted and it went back to the error hit f1 to continue, i did and windows loaded normally

FYI it says checking nvram after i hit f1


i left it on again today to see if it does the same thing when i get back from work.


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I did what yellowbeard said and i still got the sata port error. but i looked through the boot sequence and it said "smart capable but failed"

so i disabled smart in the bios and now i dont get that error message when i boot


I have also disabled everything that said sleep, hibernate and so on to see if it will shut off. i will let you guys know how that goes


im not sure what smart does but if its helping i would rather have in on

is the smart issue worth the rma time?

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well, my pc ran all night and did not turn off. so im guessing turning off all sleep and low power options seem to work.


as for the smart thing, if an rma wont solve it is there anything else i could try?


like i said before i would rather have it on but if its not going to hurt me having it off its not the end of the world.

as everything seems to be running fine and im getting good speed



Just read the sticky on the SMART monitoring, which all seems fine(i have good ATTO speeds) and is good stuff to know


Only thing is when i looked at the crystal disk picture, your firmware is 1.1. on my picture its 1.0.

im hoping this is because you are using F40 and i have F60 but if it isnt, could that be my problem?

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