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So my computer blew up, TX650


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I recently hooked up a "new" computer using some parts a friend didn't need

as well as some new ones. It ran normally for a couple days until this happened:


Everything was fine, I had a few downloads going browsing the web etc, and I had Starcraft 2 running but tabbed out. The second i try to go back into the game it freezes for a bit then the power goes out on the computer. I try to start the computer again and bang! I hear something crack loudly inside the computer, and the electricity goes out on the whole floor. Not good.


Obviously I should have wisened up after this, but i hooked stuff up again and the motherboard lit up, though when I tried turning the pc on the electricity went out again.


However in the aftermath it didn't seem like anything had overheated and I couldn't see any visible signs nor smell anything burnt.


So what the hell happened here?

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