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HX650W getting hot


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i bought a HX 650 yesterday, and its gettig quite hot. Even in idle mode the PSU is very warm, when playing it is getting hot. The fan is spinning, but it seems that there is no or only very little airflow. If i touch the PSU while gaming on top, its really hot there.


My system is a phenom x4 955, 4850 (gainward with ddr5), 3 hdds, 4 case fans, ... there should be max. 70 - 80 % resources used while gaming.


Is this normal? All other PSUs it had so far were cold or at least a bit warm, used with the same system.

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I would try testing the unit with it sitting outside the case and see if it still gets as hot. This should tell us if the PSU is causing its own heat or if its getting heated up from other components in the system. If you believe its too hot then you have the option to Request an RMA.
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