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Help my comp wont boot!! Maybe power supply issue


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Hey there,


I just purchased a whole new computer's worth of components from Newegg.com and after putting everything together last night my computer won't start up.


Once the power button is pressed, one LED on the motherboard will light up, and one of the case fans, will spin for only a fraction of a second and then nothing will happen.


I have checked all my connections but my computer wont start up!

I have a Corsair HX Series CMPSU-850HX 850W which should be more than enough of a supply for what I have already.


This is my first computer build, but I did have a friend come over to help in putting things together the correct way. I have sent out other customer support emails about the motherboard (this might also be the suspect part.)




Please help!

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Ok, I have talked to a support tech and tried the power supply, paper-clip test. After placing the clip in the 24-pin connector in the black and green wires, the fan inside the PSU starts.


Based on the info from the test, I assume that the powersupply was not the issue.


Any other advice would be greatly appreciated.



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If the PSU is powering up properly with the paperclip test then we know that the PSU is able to respond to a power on signal. When the PSU is connected to the motherboard its shutting itself down because its either detecting a short somewhere or there is a component that is going out of spec. To test for grounding you may need to remove the motherboard from the case and bench test the system. From there you would want to see if you can get the system to post with a barebones configuration. If the problems still occur with the core components, then you may need to start swapping components with a known working system to isolate the problem.
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It appears that the problem has been fixed. all the little connectors for the front power pannel were reveresed (positive in the negative slot)


That was quite an oversight, but everything seems to be working and Windows is installing now.


Thanks Ramguy and Wired for the input!

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