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problem with raid0 ssds nova 64gb


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hey am new to this forum and my englisch issent very good.

have 2 ssd's corsair nova's 64gb in a raid 0 on intel ich10r controller and have very poor read speeds

also have 1ssd with revision1.0 and the other is a revision 1.1 is this maybe a problem?

have tested it with atto an here are the result in attachments

shoud the read speeds in a raid0 on a ssd be more than write speeds?

anyone know what the problem is?


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hey i'm still having troubles with my ssd's

have delete't the raid0 and have intalled win7, atto on both of them run the test and have not the same results.

some mager dorps on write and read speeds, one drive has rev1.0 the other has 1.1? but there are no update revisions? is this a bat drive or a bat revision. explane please, why one drive has rev1.0 other 1.1?

when my windows is booting it looks like it is on a 7200rpm drive.

also why are the read speeds on (example) western digital 1tb black edition much higher than on a ssd (ssd has +-240mb/sec at most and the western digital more than 4000mb/sec) howe is a ssd faster?



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