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600T price blues


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Hi there!


I'm kinda frustrated, it's not Corsair's fault, but I still wanted you guys to know the situation from a prospective customer's point of view.


I was literally days away from placing an order with my favourite (and generally very competitive) eTailer of a full build which was going to use a competitors case, when the 600T was announced and I instantly fell in love, as many people seem to have. I had enjoyed looking at the 700/800D but wanted something mid tower and cheaper, so the 600T fit my bill perfectly.


Now, I know that the price we as consumers pay for a product is totally up to the retailers. They can set it at what they like and judge the market and make decisions from there.


Having said that, I'm at a loss as to explain the situation I find myself in, other than retailer greed:


So the 600T's rrp is $149US, right? $159? Somewhere in that ballpark. Amazon has it listen even below $149US if my memory serves.


We here in Australia almost always pay more for computer components than elsewhere, seemingly as we are apparently "in the middle of nowhere". The fact that we are closer to Asia (where most of pc components get made) to almost everyone else is seemingly nothing to do with it. I'd have to go with the fact that as we only have a population of just over 20 million, we must have a much lower volume of consumption than obviously the US, our import/sales duties may be higher, etc.


But is this always the case? I checked newegg and they have a particular model of ssd for $170US. Here in Australia that same model is $199AUD ($176US) so that's pretty close. 4% in fact.


How about an 800D?


newegg: $299US ($338AUD)

here: $379AUD ($335US)


Not too bad. 10% more. It's a heavier item and won't sell anywhere near the quantity of a popular ssd.


Now here's my beef:


The 600T is currently listed for $260AUD! That's $230US!!! 35% more!


I'm really hoping they're just trying to capitalise on preorders and initial demand, and that once a few eTailers here list it a pricing war ensues, but for the moment I am really sad.

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I can understand your frustration, and as you already mentioned, there is not much we can do to control the pricing of our parts in retail. I would probably agree with you that the retailer is at least somewhat capitalizing on the fact that the case is brand new and has had some hype built up around it, but they could have higher overhead or some other expenses that I am not aware of, so its hard to say for sure. Hopefully their prices will level out once more retailers in your area start to carry it.
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Finally arrived today! Build went without a hitch, so, so easy to build in.


Love the case, nice and quiet, build quality great. Only thing I'd ask for is the front panel cables to be sleeved to the ends or black wires if possible. I think I read on Hardforum that this is actually meant to be the way they are from the factory so it will be addressed for ones yet to be built.


H50 also went in without any dramas, haven't put the OS on it yet but bios has the cpu idling at 38 degrees so can't argue with that :)


Ended up with the AX 850 and it seems to be running well too!


Thanks again!

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