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CMT4GX3M2A2000C8 with Asus Ramage III Extreme


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Hey Guys,


i want to buy 3x the Corsair CMT4GX3M2A2000C8 with 2x2GB so that i have 12GB of ram which i can use as 2x Triple Channel. My Questions are:


1.) Is this possible to buy 3x 2x2 Dual Channel Kits and than to use it as 2x Triple Channel?


2.) What is the Difference between CMT4GX3M2A2000C8 and CMG4GX3M2A2000C8, the first one is so much cheaper.


3.) Is this RAM (CMT4GX3M2A2000C8) compatible with the ASUS Rampage III Extreme?


4.) Whats going on with OC on this model?


Thank you very much and have a nice day! :)

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