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TX750W boot woes, defective unit?


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Hello to the friendly people at Corsair!


My computer has started to behave very abnormally when I power it up. It started a few days ago when it no longer booted - no POST, and nothing on display.


This led me to remove every component except the motherboard, processor and power from the system. POST beeped that there was no RAM onboard, so the MB was working okay.


Then I installed a single RAM module and expected POST to alert of the abscence of a VGA board. But there was no POST. I resetted the BIOS by taking out the CMOS battery. Still no POST. But, when I switched the computer on and off a couple of times, there finally was a POST message!


I connected the power cables to all my four hard drives and the system booted to Windows XP. Everything seemed to work fine, I ran Memtest and InterBurnTest for some time and the system didn't crash. Then I applied the old overclocking settings and ran the same tests without a glitch. All was working fine.


However, as a last step, I connected all the six case fans to the power supply, and ta-dah - NO BOOT, NO POST, NO NOTHING, just blank display with fans and HDs running! I disconnected the fans with the same result. I've been turning the computer on and off several times and nothing. Each time I turn the power on, the computer double-starts (powers on for a couple of seconds, powers off, and powers on again). So it's back to square one.


So, does this sound like there's something wrong with my TX750W? If there was something wrong with the MB, memory or CPU, shouldn't the tests I ran have failed? The voltages according to BIOS seemed to be OK (+3.28V, +5.04V, +12.04V)


Thanks for any response.

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It doesn't matter what I connect to the power now, the outcome is always the same:


- If I cut the power off of the power supply with the switch at the back of the unit, switch it on and turn the computer on, it "single-starts" but no POST

- Now when I turn the computer off and back on again, it always "double-starts" (and no POST)


I'm out of ideas.


UPDATE: I swapped the 2x1GB DDR2-1066 (2.0V) memory modules with a single ******** 1GB DDR2-400 (1.8V) module and everything works like a charm! So it seems either the power supply has trouble feeding sufficient power to the mainboard, or the mainboard has trouble with powering the memory modules. Or the modules itself have power-related problems, which I doubt, as they passed memtest earlier.


UPDATE2: Is it normal to have audible chirping noise coming out of the power supply when using power-intensive applications (such as Furmark)?

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  • Corsair Employees

Its not normal for the PSU to chirp at any time, but there are a few possible reasons why it would. Check this thread for some potential things to try.


If possible you may want to test the PSU in a different system to see if these problems are caused by the PSU or if the PSU is reacting to some other problematic component. If all else fails then go ahead and Request an RMA, and we can try replacing the unit for you.

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