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Upgraded Memory from 2GB to 4GB -- Blue Screen / Can't get to Windows


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Just got 4GB of CM2X2048-6400C4DHX (2 x 2 GB). Was an upgrade from my previous 1 X 2GB setup (TWIN2X2048-6400C4)


The computer starts up very sluggish and when it tries to enter windows, crashes out and repeats the cycle. I adjusted the timings and got the same response. Then went in and went to defaults in the bios -- same thing happened.


I went to just 1 stick and the computer would not boot at all.


Did I purchase the wrong memory?




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I tried one at a time and they both posted, individually.


I went to start up with them both in at the same time and it ble screened in windows startup.


0x00000000a i believe was the error. I removed a stick and then the error 0x00000004f showed up. The PC wouldn't even start up anymore so I had to reset the CMOS (again).


Any ideas?

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