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CMX4GX3M2A1600C9 and Asus P7P55D LE


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first of all sorry for my English and I use a translator.


Well done a few days ago to get all the components for the pc I put together.

Well when you finish assembling the pc I started to install the operating system was Windows 7 x64 but I find multiple errors.

I left here that are already and tested with several CDs and x64 win 7 x86, xp x86 also:

erors blue screen usually.






5 -) wimfsf.sys


and maybe some more that do not enter. but the most frequent were these.

* All errors before it starts jumping to reinstall your operating system.

change some settings in the bios but nothing.

single voltage setting of 0.10 leaves 1.70 and 1.60V try but did not work. lower the frequencies.

try with only one RAM module. try the xmp profile activated. I still can not even install any operating system if someone can help me I'll be grateful

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Can you test the modules in a different system?


Can you try different memory in your system?


not had the chance.

I will contact the person who sold me the motherboard and I will try another type of memory ddr3.

story as I was then.

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