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Memory compatible with CM3X1G1866C9D


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Let me begin by saying I have used Corsair for many years, and I am more than happy with all my purchases.


However, I find my self with a bizarre issue...


I recently moved from XP x86 to Win7 x64, and I want to take advantage of the higher volume of memory available to 64bit systems.


I currently have 3x1GB Corsair Dominator DDR3-1333 CM3X1G1866C9D Triple Channel installed on an ASUS Rampage II Extreme, i7 920.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with my CM3X1G1866C9D, so ideally I would like to buy an additional 6GB kit (giving me 9GB in total). But here's the problem - I can no longer find CM3X1G1866C9D anywhere!


It is not even listed on the Corsair website, and even though it is still in warranty I could not log an issue against it if I tried to (via the current Corsair Tech Support request method). Has CM3X1G1866C9D been discontinued, or has it now be renamed for some reason? This is still new technology, right? Maybe this is the name given to the complete 3x1GB kit, but the individual modules are named something else?


Anyway, there is nothing wrong with my installed RAM. I'd just like to increase the amount of memory I have without losing the 3GB I already have; any help would be appreciated.


Kind regards



Dunfermline, SCOTLAND.

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