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H50 Problem with Asus Rampage III Extreme??


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Well I not long ago upgraded to the Asus R3E and used the H50 which I used on a previous set up. My Asus failed with a CPU error and after checking the asus forums found constant reports of the same issue and people using the H50 which was even suggested as the problem. I personally don't see this being the case as the temps never exceeded spec.


Just wondering what you guys think or.know and it would be great if corsair could comment on this too.





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I had this problem Venom. I have a Asus P5W DH Deluxe. I put it down to the fact that when I installed my H50 some of my overclock settings defaulted (maybe due to changing QFAN settings for the H50 pump & CPU fan).


Check C1 enhanced in the BIOS if you've overclocked the Rampage. This MAY be the the reason. I changed this setting back to to DISABLE and no more 'CPU fan error Press F1 to resume' messages.


BUT when i got back from holiday (computer not used for a week) I switched the computer on only to be greeted with the error again! Though that was the only time i got the error, been back 3 weeks now, and no further messages, so god knows.


I have since also just connected my H50 pump straight to the PSU via a molex adaptor, which I think has in turn also made the pump buzz quieter :)

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