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Help maybe PSU issue


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Can anyone tell me how I can tell if the problem I am having is related to my PSU?


The problem: Few days ago, when I pushed my power button on my system, the fans on the case would start but nothing else would start. It would not POST and I could not turn the system or the fans off unless I unplugged the power. SO, I unplugged the system and let it sit for couple of days until I could take it in for a look. When I took it to my IT guys to have a look, the system started up without any problem so I brought it back home. After a few days, once again, the problem started again. I could see that the PSU was providing power to the motherboard but when I push the power button, it would once again start the fans and the indicator lights on the case would flash red.


Thinking to isolate the problem, I took everything off the motherboard except the CPU and one memory and started the system. It seem to start fine. I added rest of the memory and started the system again, it seem to start fine. All the light were blue and it started to post. I added the optical drives and once again, it started fine. I added the HDDs and it started fine. So I decided to add my sound card, then the problem started again.


So, my assumption at this moment in time is that my motherboard is fine but there is a problem with the PSU. Am I wrong in my assessment or is it the motherboard?


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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I would see if you can duplicate the problems with and without the sound card installed with any consistency and make sure that the soundcard is not causing any problems. If its not the sound card then the motherboard and PSU would be the next likely components. You may want to test the PSU in a different system to see if you can duplicate the same results, but if all else fails then we can try replacing the PSU for you.


Request an RMA

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