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HX750W buzz/whine/squeal when powered off


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I think i've got a sure-fire RMA issue here. But, since I really cannot do without a PSU at the moment, I figured i'd ask just in case there is something I can do.


The HX750W emits a loud high-pitched buzz/whine/squeal. The behavior varies:

  • PSU switched on, powered on: no squeal
  • PSU switched on, powered off: loudest squeal when a PC is attached, medium but still quite audible squeal with all cables disconnected
  • PSU switched off after being switched on: squeal persists for a few moments, even if unplugged from the wall. If no load is attached the squeal continues for minutes.


All voltages are well within spec (+/- 0.1v with a multimeter or motherboard diagnostics) and the system is rock-solid otherwise. I can rule out mains power since the unit still squeals when unplugged.


So, have I got any non-RMA options whilst preserving my warranty? Let me know if any more info would be helpful. Thanks!

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Drat. I was hoping it wouldn't come to that. Thanks Wired, I am now waiting for an email with an RMA number.


One more question, related but off topic. The new PSU has a rebate that must be in the mail by 8/23. The rebate requires the original UPC cut from the product's box. I've not cut anything yet as i'm not sure if it would be a problem for the RMA but the clock is ticking. Any advise there?

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