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Advice on modding fan meshes on 700D


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I am interested in purchasing the Corsair 700D. Due to the layout of the system and the size of my radiator with the fans+shrouds, the radiator will have to be on top of the 3 120mm exhaust slots in the roof of the case.


As a result, I'd need to cut out those 3 mesh grills to stop airlow deadspots from arising on the radiator. I have never modded a case before - how exactly could I go about cutting these mesh grills out?


I'd greatly appreciate any advice.





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Many thanks for those links - very useful indeed.


As, from what I can see, there is very little cutting involved when removing only those meshes; is it possible at all to do this without any kind of power tool?

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Yes, but the possibility too get uneven / damaged edges will be much bigger.


I will say yousing a steel hand saw and files you will need some skills too make it look nice.


The roundest hole, will com from the hole saw, and as a mechanic, it would have been my first choice.


The dremmel is a nice tool, and yous`t the right way can do allot fore you.

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