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New Power supply Computer refuses to boot


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I had an exisitng computer with an MSI K9N4 mother board with an Athlon X2 4200 processor a GTX 280 grapghics card and an OCZ (OCZ600SXS) power supply.When the computer stopped booting up (when you pressed the power button, the computer lights would turn on and immediately off), I removed all of the devices so I could check it with an older power supply (Ultra 500Watt) I had. The computer booted up just fine so ahh hah, the power supply is bad.


I went out and purchased a repalcement Corsair cmp-su 750TX power supply.


Unfortuantely, with the new power supply, the computer still refused to boot up. Same symptoms; power turns on then off immediately. I thought I might have been un lucky and got a bad power supply but I borrowed a know good power supply from a friend and the computer still refuses to boot up. Same symptoms.


WHy would the computer not boot up with an OCZ600SXS, a Corsair cmp-su 750TX and the third OCZ power supply, all with the same symptoms, but sucessfully boot up with an older Ultra 500W power supply.


The PC configuration for all testing was an MSI K9N4 mother board, an older 6200LE graphics card and 2 Gb memory a 160GB IDE hard drive and a 500Gb SATA hard drive.


I chaged the processor but that did not change the behavior. That leaves the motherboard but it doesn't explain why the computer will boot up with the older 500watt power supply and not with the newer power supplies.


Thanks for any advice.

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Only thing I can think of is that the newer PSUs have power protection stuff built in and are detecting something and not powering on to be safe, whereas the older PSU may not have those safeguards and are powering it on.
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