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Question on HX850W


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I've just bought a new rig and started assembling myself with very minimal knowledge on pc components.


So far everything went smoothly till one part.


I'm using Asus Rampage III extreme. The manuals requires one EATX12V to be plugged at least to power up.


The HX850 however does not even have a single EATX12V pin. It's using EPS 8pin. The only thing i notice is i could only split the 8 pin into 2 which is ATX12V. Can i powerup the mobo with only 4 pin ?

Or should i get a EATX12V adapter.. but in my country @ malaysia , i have no idea where to get such cable. This adapter seems to be rather rare on the market too.


Any experts into these?

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Ok guys. seems noone kind of get the picture what i'm pointing out.

I found a similar thread with the exact same problem that existed awhile ago answered.

Though i'm still clueless should i fit in everything in due to the pin keyed different which doesnt really matter much.


This is the picture which the user drawn with much easier reference


This picture was taken from a thread that had exact same problem like me that existed back in sep 2009.


Though i'm unclear the final answer is that should i just plug everything in ignoring the fact that the last four rounded pin and my mobo's last four pin had two square and 2 rounded.

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