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PSU Suggestion Required!


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I need suggestion for my PSU.

Unfortunately the PSU Finder is too simple!


Si I'll start off with my system's specs:

Core i7 920 @4.41Ghz @1.4v

ASUS Rampage II Extreme

Corsair XMS3 @2000Mhz @8-8-8-20

XFX GTS 250 1GB @ 756Mhz Core, 1836Mhz Shaders & 1152Mhz Memory.

Intel SSD 40GB

WD Blue 320GB & WD Green 640GB

10 Fans (Approx 40watts altogether)

1 12v DC Pump (XPSC X20 750)


I'm using a CoolerMaster 600watt eXtreme Power (I might look like an idiot :p:).

When taking my system to max (as in specs), i add a 460watt PSU to handle my GPU, HDD & fans.

Now I want a Corsair PSU to handle my entire system.

I'm not a hardcore gamer but i might buy a GTX460/465/470/480 (I'm damn confused) and of course take it to extremes.


Now where i live in, there's a power breakdown for up to 3 hours everyday so I have a 1000VA i.e 600watt UPS attached.

Its enough but with CM 600watt's 70% efficiency, its not!

So my new Corsair PSU should be really efficient.

My current possible options are http://www.galaxy.pk/main-forms/powersupply-main.htm so that eliminates the new Corsair AX series.

I contacted Galaxy for it but it might take up to two months to arrive.


So whatever PSU you recommend, it shouldn't be just enough - I need some headroom!

So what would you recommend with:

> My current GTS 250 (I might watercool it with MCW-80, take it to extreme and just stick to it)

> GTX 460

> GTX 480

> GTX 460 + GTS 250 (PhysX)

Other than GPU, i don't have any plans for upgrade!


Thanking you in advance.


Best Regards,

Muhammed Umer

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TX750 is a good option but all Corsair TX series are too loud!

Even on idle level (23dba)!! :(:

My fans are 10-12dba at 60% and soon I'll be upgrading to a FTW GPU so my PSU will be a battlestar in a desert.

I'm only choosing Corsair because I've never EVER encountered even a below average review.

Apart from AX series, I don't like much of Corsair; the names are horrible and the color section is even worse - atleast for me!

So I'm thinking of waiting for now and get my hands on the AX850!

With 87% efficiency and enthusiast series mark, TX950 is a good contender.

So its a battle between TX950 vs AX850.

My chassis is a HAF 932 so non-modular isn't a big issue but with a farm of connectors, it might be irritating!

I personally would like to wait but if you were at my place, what had you chosen?

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