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Just got my TX950W back from RMA

Robert Luther

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I just got my TX950W back frome RMA. the problem was that i have a Asus P6T Motherboard, but after i had installed the TX950W, my system just "hang" when windows was booting. i read that there was some problems with the TX950W and Asus P6T motherborad series.

my question is that, now after i got a new PSU back, will i still have the same problem like befor, or is this PSU a never/fixed model then the other one?


dont want to open it if Im getting the same problems :)

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You're good to go:
There was nothing wrong with our PSU or the Asus motherboards. It was a component variance issue. A certain component used on certain Asus motherboards did not play nicely with a component we used in the TX950. It was rare to have the issue, but when you are selling thousands of these units a month you are bound to see a few people here and there than ran into a problem. At this point the issues have been resolved on both ends and we have not seen anyone run into this problem in quite a few weeks. If anyone DOES run into this problem, then it can be resolved by either doing an RMA on the motherboard or the PSU, and we will be happy to replace any PSU that could be causing these issues or any other issue for that matter.
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see... thats the point, i think its... wierd. mother board frome month 6 this year.

psu originaly frome march this year, and the problem was fixed late march. however i still se ppl who are getting this problem


look at last page. its just a few days ago :)


The last relevant post in that thread is from April meaning the MOBO was purchased prior to the PSU.


Attach the new PSU and test it. If you have issues, we will be here.

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