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my TW3X4G1333C9 won't overclock, not even a tiny amount


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I have been overclocking my system for a few days now, and i know how far i can go with my CPU and motherbord. My ram however is pulling my hair out.


My Ram (TW3X4G1333C9) is 100% stable at 1333 mhz, i have tested this with memtest and prime95. I have never had problems with it in the last 1,5 years.


However, as soon as i want to get my memory just a tiny bit higher, it fails. I either get BSOD or rounding errors in several stress tests.


For example: ref clock 252, memory multiplier 5.33x, timings 9-9-9-27-36-2t @ 1.6volt. gives rounding errors.

I have tried different voltages, different memory multipliers, different timings, i have tried enabeling DQS training, disabling bank swizzle mode etc. I have tried every single memory setting available to my motherboard. I tried underclocking my cpu and cpu-nb, i tried stock settings for my cpu, and overclocked cpu. Why can't my ram overclock just this tiny amount of 10 mhz?


Now the fun part: when i underclock my ram, i can lower my timings a lot and still run stable. At this moment i'm running 230 * 5.33x = 1226 mhz with 5-6-5-16-21-1t @ 1,75volt perfectly stable, with my cpu and cpu-nb overclocked.


Have you every seen this happen? Is there a solution? It's pretty annoying that i'm trying to push the best out of my system, but have to seriously underclock my ram to do it.

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