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2x CM2X2048-6400C5C Kit & P5KC


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Hey all,


Been having a bit of a problem with these two sets but I'm slowly narrowing it down. I was running 2x TWIN2X2048-6400C4 previously in this system and they were running fine, but since I'm studying multimedia this year I need a bit extra ram on top.


Now onto the problems. With all four sticks of CM2X2048-6400C5C installed the computer boots into windows and everything runs a little sluggish then randomly BSODs. The first error message was Bad_Pool_Header, then the second error was QUOTA_UNDERFLOW. These didn't happen until I upgraded the ram.


Memtest Results so far

-4 sticks = two error messages on test 5

-single sticks = no errors

-2 sticks = no errors

-different slots = no errors


When running a particular 2 sticks my Post screen was listing them as DDR 1003Mhz when the BIOs was set on Auto. Changed one stick and it went to DDR 667Mhz, then I manually set it to 800Mhz in the BIOs and it's working at the moment as if the old sticks were in it still.


My questions are, what other things should I test for? What voltage can these sticks handle @ max? My NB is running 1.33v at the moment, so should it be bumped up and if so, how far?


I'll keep testing for now and keep you all posted on the results.

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That's correct.


The version labelled on the TWIN2X4096-6400C5C is Version 6.1 on both sets. At the moment I have the RAM set to Auto, but previously I had tried it at 1.8v like stated on the label.


Oh and to correct my earlier post. I had errors in memtest with all four sticks installed, then I decreased my overclock and those errors disappeared, if that helps to work out the problem also.


Edit: Just reset my system to defaults and running all sticks @ the moment. Ran 3dMark and going to run a few more tests like Sisandra & Everest Benchmarks to test out the stability. Then begin tweaking. Are there any other programs which would put a strain on the RAM to test stability besides Memtest as I know it's passed memtest before but was still unstable?

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Just an update.


After the full BIOs reset to defaults, the sticks worked. I have them all running at the moment at stock speeds and timings with 1.9v.


I have overclocked my Q6600 back to 3.2ghz like it was with the old sticks. So far it's passed OCCT test as stable and a few other tests stable also.


Thank you both for the help.

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