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Hi all, I got an 800D, and wanted to do something with it. I wasnt about to leave it stock, so this has began


So after much deliberation between AMD and Intel I was pretty much all set for a 965 and the Asus Crosshair IV (man that board looks pretty!). But then the night I got home from work and was going to order the parts, and email came through from aria.co.uk with a sweet deal on a 920. So that was set i7 was going to be it.


So the parts I have waiting to go in that are new, are:


Asus P6T Deluxe OC palm edition

******** Reaper 6GB (3x2GB) DDR3 16000C9 (2000MHz) Tri-Channel Kit

EK multi res 250

Thermochill PA140.3




The rest will be cannibalised from the rig Im running right now.

Powercolour 5870 flashed to ASUS BIOS with EK HD5870 full cover block

Swiftech MCP655V + EK X-TOP rev.2

EK supreme HF copper top

******** 1000w True Power Quattro

Black Ice GT stealth 3x120



So Im still waiting on my grill to be made, but the PA140.3 is already mounted in the top and Im going to use my Black Ice GT stealth 3x120 aswell, which the holes have been cut ready for it to be mounted in the bottom.

To get the bottom rad mounted I had to cut quite abit from the front aswell to allow space for the PSU, which Im still not sure will fit mounted the right way up yet. Theres 20mm between the 2, so aslong as the cables plugs dont interfere it will be fine.


The fans for the 140.3 are Xigmatek's and the Blackice will use the Yateloons I already have.


So Im waiting on my Grill to be made and then Ill order some new tubing aswell.


But more pics, Sorry about the quality of some, I take some with my poorly tocco.

Heres the bottom with the 3x120 hole cut, Ill take another of it mounted when I do it again, it definetly fits as I drained my loop to check, but now its back on this current rig.




The 140.3 cut out.


I was going to add the lugs for each fan mounting, but it rolled down the original mountings of the stock top, so didnt bother, the grill will take the load just fine, and aslong as I got everything measured right, it will sit a treat.


Heres one with the 140.3 mounted, youll see one screw hole off, as the bloody tape lifted slightly when cutting, but again, Ill redrill it and you wont see it with the grill on.


Bloody battery was dead in my cam at this point so its a blurry pic.


Any hints and tips at this stage? Also, Ill probably throw in a BigNG as Im sick of using the fan controller, I always forget to crank them up before launching a game.


Ive gotten around to tapping the PA140.3 screw holes to M4 and got the top mounted in, just waiting on that pesky grill. But dont the bolts look sex?






Also, cut out the grill on the back fan port to improve airflow




And cut the hole for the fillport, which hasnt been delivered yet.






Now, the case is going to have a new colour, Im still deciding on exactly what colour to go with at present. But she's gonna get a powder coat done by MastercoteUK, and shes all stripped ready to go.


Pics are crappy, as I used my phone:










The front panels had quite a fair bit of plastic on them that needed removing, but it all came off the main unit:






The annoying thing is that the 5.25" covers and the panel at the top holding the power, reset switch and the front audio, USB etc have very thin pieces of alu glued into plastic. These will be no good for the powder coating, and I tried to remove it from one cover and ruined it :/








The side window proved to be more trouble than I anticipated, as for some reason 2 of the bolts are set flush with the perspex, making them difficult to remove. Why did you do this Corsair??!




But I got it out.


So, my D5 XTOP rev.2 has arrived and I had a dry run of mounting that and the res, and that went well, so Im pleased with that. Once its all back from the Powder coaters Im all set to build it.


So I decided to go with a nice red colour as so it would match with the black nicely. I did contemplate green as its my favourite colour, but it would have been a bit...Nvidia... nout wrong with that, just its too overdone for my likings.


So, heres the powder coated case.






My dag is well trained at 'puter guarding! :sunglasse






Looks luvely, doesnt it? It has me all excited anyways.


Now, Ive got her all built and running at 4GHz at present, quite alot to learn on the i7's OC wise, its all a bit different from LGA775





















Im still waiting on the grill, but you can see she looks beautiful, but Im biased :D

Also, toying with changing out the tubing for black. Which brings me to the cables on the PSU. Im the True Power Quattro cables are braided, but not right to the end, which is annoying. So Im going to order some nice NZXT cables to finish those off. Id braid mine myself, but they have a large chunky bit of moulded plastic at the end of the braid.


So, thats my Corsair 800D at this point in her life. I must say its the best case Ive ever owned, even my missus thinks it looks great \o/

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