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evga 790i ultra sli compatibility question..


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Hello everyone,


Because my old memory died I'm looking for a new memory thats compatible with an EVGA 790i ULTRA SLI motherboard. Because I had some compatibilty issues with my memory that has just died i want to make sure i buy a memory that is compatible.

I already did some research and used the memory configurator wich gaved me these options: http://www.corsair.com/configurator/product_results.aspx?id=522300 , but i dont know which one to choice and would like to get the opinion of people with some more knowledge of memory then me :D

So could you guys be so polite to say which one is the best to pick and also maybe give a reason why I should pick that memory.


My pc specs:




Sapphire HD5970

Windows XP Pro

(if you need more specs say what i have to post more)


Anyways thanks in advance and hope you guys can help me out


Edit: I use my comp mostly for playing games in case thats relevant

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