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Question about my H50 tubes and noise


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I built a new rig about 1 month ago, and I chose to buy the H50, having read so many good things about it. I'm satisfied until now with this choice, and I can't complain at all about the temperatures: they're great, and my only problem with this rig was to cool down the Northbridge, since it's so close to the videocard. But that's of course nothing related to the H50, given that the H50 only serves the CPU, and it's serving it really well.


Anyway I always asked myself if I mounted the H50 in the right way: in particular, I adopted a push/pull method on the radiator, and I mounted the radiator so that the hoses are on the bottom. That's correct, as far as I know. The thing is, though, that I mounted the pump with the Corsair logo upside-down. Why? Because, should I have mounted the pump on the CPU with the Corsair logo in the right direction, the tubes of the H50 would have completely touched my videocard, that really becomes very very hot (it idles at 60C, and at full load it reaches 85C), so I feared that the tubes could receive some damage after a few time, in the case they touched the videocard.


Having mounted the pump with the Corsair logo upside down, the tubes obviously do some curves and bend a bit, but at least don't touch that hot videocard.


So, can this bring me some problem? Should have I mounted the pump with the Corsair logo in the right direction to avoid the tubes curving a bit, letting them touching the videocard, or did I make the right mounting choice?


The second question is: the pump is really quiet, and I can hear it loudly only if I open the case and put my ear near it OR if put my ear on the closed side of the case where the motherboard is mounted. That said, if I concentrate (especially at night), I can hear the high-frequency sound of the pump while at the keyboard though, and I can hear a bit the resonance of the pump noise on the aluminium case. Is it normal? Perhaps only sensible ears?


Thanks for the support, and sorry if I wrote so much and I maybe did some grammar mistakes.

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