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Memory Issue


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I had a question for the corsair guru's. I have been using a dell XPS 410 for nearly 3 years and about a year ago I purchased CM2X2048-6400C5C ( I could only find CM2X2048-6400C5 in the memory configuration search) I had successfully had 6 GB of total memory on my computer but recently I received a new motherboard(im 90% sure its the same) and I updated the dell bios, but my previous memory configuration has stopped working.




that is a link to my motherboard because I simply cant even find what it is called. ( I know that it says it can only support up to 4 GB but I had 6GB with my setup and other users have told me they even gone to 8GB, in part I believe to the BIO updates but they dont even tell us the details of what the update has done). Could you offer any insight into what I might be able to do because dell has told me it has something to do with my hard drive....


Thank you Kindly any help or insight would be appreciated :sunglasse


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