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Pleasant RMA experience with Corsair


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Just wanted to give my opinion on how Corsair handled my RMA case.


I was unfortunate to get a pair of CMD4GX3M2A1600C8 that didnt run the rated speed of 1600mhz for some reason. I posted on these forums about my problem and RAMGUY replied fast and suggested I got them replaced. I got the RMA number and sent the ram in the mail to their department in Holland. Got a confirmation mail that they had received the ram and 3 days later I had a new pair of ram back and they work like a charm!


I've had Corsair ram in some of my older systems as well and never had a complaint about the stability or performance at all. Also, I got the H50 cooling solution installed in my system atm and I love it. Quiet and cool, keeping my overclocked i5 750 running with no problems :)


Thanks, Corsair. I'll stick to your products in the future wherever I can :)




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