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TX750W Clicking Noise


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Hello all. I am doing a brand new build using an X58A-UD3R motherboard from GIGABYTE and a TX750W from Corsair. The build went pretty smoothly, and I was able to POST and look through the BIOS with no difficulty. I had to stop work for a few days at that point because of other business, and when I came back, I continued on with successfully installing Windows 7 and going about with all the things you do with a fresh Windows install. I had to put it aside for another half a day at this point.


And here is where the trouble begins.


I came back and tried to power on my tower and the clr CMOS button/light on the back of the motherboard just started blinking every 1.5 seconds. In addition, every time the button-light blinks, a faint click is heard out of the power supply. I've done some google searches and read through the manual and looked around GIGABYTE and Corsair's websites, and no one seems to know exactly what this is a symptom of. Furthermore, how could the tower go from booting into Windows 7 to completely not powering on in the span of 6 hours when I didn't do anything to it?


At this point I'm pretty lost. If anyone knows what the blinking clr CMOS button with the clicking power supply means, or has any other suggestions, I would great appreciate them.

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Further troubleshooting:


First, I double-checked my cable connections on the MoBo, and determined that they weren't loose. Then, I unplugged everything except the mobo, and the problem still occurred.


Then, I tried doing this test on the power supply, with everything disconnected except for one fan, and even then the clicking remained, so I am led to believe that the power supply went south. I am going to RMA the power supply and see if I get any luck there.


Does anyone have any idea why it would go from working to not working rather than just not working to begin with? That is what puzzles me the most.


I will keep this thread posted on what happens.

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