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TR3X6G1333C9 and M4A785TD-V compatible?


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I bought the aforementioned RAM with a new system.

Put short, since the system isn't working right and I believe I've narrowed down the problem to either memory compatibility, or faulty parts I'd like to know whether it is likely TR3X6G1333C9 DIMMS would work stably in a M4A785TD-V motherboard? (I am aware the RAM isn't shown on the compatibility list for my motherboard, though I figured since it has identical specs to others that are - and these DIMMs seems to sell like hotcakes I bought them).



In more detail:

I built the new system with the following spec's in rough:


AMD Phenom II 1055T


Nvidia GTX 470


X-case 850W






Hitachi Hds721010cla332​ 1TB


However shortly after getting windows 7 Professional (MSDN) x64 installed the computer began to hang/freeze - as in, cursor wouldn't move and nor would anything else happen and the only way to fix would be to cut the power.

I have checked the timings, voltage and frequencies of the DIMMs rigourously and they are running as per their default.

The "freezes" usually occur within the first few minutes after boot in most cases, however having a single DIMM in certain slots will allow the system to run for a while (say, up to an hour) before a freeze, where as one of the 3 DIMMs whenever inserted (either alone or alongside the others) will cause a BSoD (not a freeze;): ) before Windows even starts (I analyzed a couple of the minidumps myself, the "cause" of the crashes generally seem to be random, further reinforcing RAM as the likely cause).


All 3 DIMMs bring back a "hardware error" with Windows Memory Diagnostic at between 15-20% on the first test, which I find very unusual for all 3 DIMMs being faulty, or perhaps all slots on the motherboard?

I wish I had a way to test another set of RAM in the motherboard or this RAM somewhere else, but I simply don't so that's out of the question for verification.

Some final clarifications: nothing is overclocked, I have let the BIOS assign speeds automatically as well as setting them up manually to 667(x2)frequency, 1.5v, 9-9-9-24 latencies and confirming the DIMMS are running at that with Everest and CPUZ. At the moment the computer has been running with a single DIMM in slot A2 on the motherboard for about an 2 hours no problem and FYI the motherboard is capable of having 2 DIMMs in dual channel/a DIMM in single-channel. The slot currently does not however work with either of the other 2 DIMMs for this long.

I haven't tried memtest but I find it to be rather pointless considering there is evidently something wrong here, it is just a matter of knowing whether it is user error, a compatibility issue or faulty hardware (either the RAM or MoBo) before I start RMA'ing anything.

This has caused me considerable headache today so any help or advice would be greatly appreciated - and sorry for the mass of text, although if there is anything I have missed let me know.



Some extra info: Both CPUZ and Everest detect the DIMMs as "CM3X2G1333C9" (although I am certain they are TR3X6G1333C9, even the packaging says so).

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TR3X6G1333C9 = triple stick kit for X58 Intel systems

CM3X2G1333C9 = part number for one stick of that kit


TR3X6G1333C9 isn't tested on AMD systems, nor is it intended for an AMD system. If every stick fails in every slot, it's most likely a voltage issue or the CPU itself. Either reseat it or replace it.

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I understand the RAM hasn't been tested with AMD systems and thanks for clarifying the part numbers.

However the RAM doesn't completely fail all the time - for example I left the computer on over-night with a single DIMM in one of the slots extracting a "42.zip" and it was still running this morning with no problems.

However, when I swapped it out for another of the DIMMs (in the same slot) the computer froze within moments, as did using the same DIMM in a different slot.

Voltages as I said are acting normally (at 1.5).

I can, if you believe the CPU is the problem, insert it in to my older computer with an AM2+ socket for testing since the newest BIOS update for it does include compatibility for the 1055T, however since the computer, with the right circumstances, can run under load without errors I don't see how the CPU is the problem.

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