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Possible Defective Corsair HX1000W CMPSU-1000HX


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Hi everyone.


So I just purchased all of the parts for my new system. I put it all together, hooked up the Corsair HX1000W CMPSU-1000HX PSU I got with the 24v cable and the 12v 8pin cable to the MB, as well as the SATA drives etc. Initially it turned on and off quick. I tried again, and it finally did turn on, only to work for 5 or so min and turn off, then it would not respond until I waited some time and tried again, whereas it would do the same thing. Now at the time I thought perhaps my NorthBridge or SouthBridge were overheating (from some of the reviews I read of the Asus MB) but it turned out temps were normal.


After doing several tests with parts removed, I finally tried my old 450W PSU with the 24pin and 12v 4 pin connectors - and what do you know, my comp booted up right away and stayed on for hours! I tried the Corsair HX1000W CMPSU-1000HX on my old system, connected via 24pin and a 4pin for the cpu, and it did the same thing, turned on and off within seconds.


I now believe it's a bad PSU. Should I RMA it through Corsair or should I go back to the people I bought it from (online) since it's still within the 30 days.

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