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I'm considering buying 6GB of DDR3 1866, specifically TR3X6G1866C9DF. Realistically, what range of QPI Voltage can I expect to run this memory close to its rated spec? I will not be using the XMP feature at all. I would prefer not to exceed 1.4v but don't know if that is possible. Perhaps I would be better off with DDR3 1600 or lower?
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That will depend solely on the CPU Core.

If its a (CO) Stepping up to 1.8 Volts on the QPI/VTT Voltage and 1.65 Volts max on the memory.

If its a (DO) Stepping about 1.45 Max on the QPI/VTT Voltage.

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My settings for for those are:

1,38v VTT @ 1833Mhz i7 @4209Mhz Mem volt @ 1,65v 8-8-8-22

1,24v VTT @ 1600Mhz i7 @3200Mhz Mem volt @ 1,59v 8-8-8-22

I have tryed with success 2000Mhz 1,40v VTT and Mem volt @ 1,65v 9-9-9-24

This is by my opinion great memmory


(i7 950 D0)

Asus Rampage Extreme

6Gb 1866 Dominator

3 way SLi GTX260

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