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questions about 800d case and sata 6\usb3


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hello my name is rotem and i am proud to be owner of my obsidian 800d case.


but i have some things that bother my and i think also another people the have this case. i know this case made befor this features and that way i have no complaint but i still want a answer about some issues.


1.i read in this forum that corsair working to update the front panel to usb 3 and also the hotswap to sata 6 but this is a general words. if there is an official date please write.

2.this will cost money or free ?

3.maybe corsair released a new case full tower with this features. or released a new complete version of 800d?


i am asking this questions because there is many mobo with usb 3 and sata 6 and a lot hard drive with sata 6 and much more in the future. and we want compatibility.


many thanks rotem.

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They have said they are 'considering' upgrade options. They have in no way confirmed that they will even be doing it, much less whether it will be free or not.


Down the road I would say it's likely they will have a case similar to the 800D with those features but that could be 2 years out. No one has any clue.

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i am sorry but you are wrong in th faq case here the link: http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=87493


usb 3

written that Corsair is working on a USB3.0 upgrade kit for the 700D and 800D. It will be available on the Corsair web store later this summer but no official date.


and sata 6 they written

Unfortunately these backplanes are not compatible with SATA 3 (6G) at this time.


again a general answer.

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I am sure one day it will happen, but for now I just removed the backplane and plugged my sata 6GB SSD in. I wasnt really going to hotswap the OS drive anyway.

My rampage mobo has USB 3 ports on the back for now so when/ if I I buy anything USB3 I wont mind too much.

What annoys me more is my mobo has only 1 USB internal header so only 2 of the USB ports on the front of my 800d work, but that is ASUS's fault not Corsairs !

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I was referring to the SATA backplanes, not USB 3.0, I probably should have specified. I've never seen USB 3.0 mentioned until you linked that FAQ. I guess I haven't been concerned since I'm removing all the front panel connections and replacing them with light controls, hehe.


Anyway, what I said about SATA 6Gbps stands. They're considering it, but have not made a decision. Try searching, it's been covered several times.

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