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6gb/s ssd set up.. ok to remove backplane ?


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Hi timciren


Why do you need to remove the Sata Back plane?

You can Buy and adapter for the top 5,25 Bays, or and 3,5 adapter for the lower 3,5 slots. I'm using my two WD Caviar Black Sata 6 GB/s in the lowest 3,5 slots.


Best Regards

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I would like to fit another radiator in the bottom bayarea and would rather keep the drives all in the same place to minimise the wiring.

If it isnt possible I guess, yep, I could stick it in the 5.25

Hadnt thought of that !


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Yes, the SSD will scale down to SATA2 speeds if you use the backplane. You can remove the backplane and it will work just fine....might be a bit tricky to plug the wires in is all.



I took one off yesterday and yes it was very tricky to get the sata power connected, but it is done now and I wont need to get at it again ( I hope ! ):biggrin:

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