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Which RAM for AM3 build


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Will have max of 16GB, looking to start with 8GB in a 4x2 configuration.


System will be for HD video rendering, current specs (not purchased yet) are:


Phenom II X6 1055




For the RAM I was looking at the CMP8GX3M2A1600C9, (found on Amazon but not Corsair's site) while this states it is for Intel i5, i7, will this work? Would I need 1333 RAM?


Apparently my MB doesn't have a limitation of 1333 with the x6 processor unless i'm reading it wrong.




Basically I want 8GB RAM that I can upgrade to possibly 16 if the need arises, but in a 4x2 configuration.

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Could they be overclocked? Just curious as to what RAM can be clocked to 1600 or 2000 effectively using this setup.


I'm on the price hunt for the green 4x2 that was mentioned earlier for my setup, no worries there, just pursuing options for more speed :biggrin:

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