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Noisy TX-650, easily reproduced and worked around


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Thought I'd post this just in case helps someone else.



I was about to RMA my noisy TX-650 when I came across this forum with lots of people seemingly having the same noise problem.


The noise can be best described as an old dot-matrix printer on steriods. It occurs for many different events, like scrolling pages but the most annoying is when watching movies or streamed content (BBC iPlayer).

Strangely enough it can be made to continually sound when I open the Sound properties in the Control Panel and go to the Recording tab (Windows 7), and it then whirs away constantly.


Then I spotted the Sticky about things to try when you have a noisy PSU, and sure enough they were right!

For me the culprit was "CPU Enhanced Halt (C1E)". With this disabled the dot-matrix printer goes away.

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