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Need Driver - Flash Voyager & Windows 98


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I didn't post an operating system in my profile because my problem/question involves 2 computers with different operating systems.


I have a windows 98 with a USB 1.0 on it. Something went wrong with the computer during a storm we had and it can no longer get online. So, I bought a brand new computer (Windows 7 Compaq Presario).


My brother-in-law sent me a Corsair Flash Voyager external drive so I could back up all of my files and programs off of the Windows 98 and put them onto the new Windows 7 I just bought.


The Windows 98 is asking for a driver in order to be able to use the Flash Voyager. Where can I get the driver at?


I have 12 yrs worth of work on the Windows 98 and the only way I can move the files would be through the Flash Voyager. My Windows 98 only has a floppy drive, CD-R drive, and an Orb drive (removable).


The new Windows 7 has a CDRW drive and USB 2.0


If someone could please tell me where to locate the driver needed to use this with Windows 98, I'd really appreciate it.


Thanks in advance!

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for the amount of files you have you may be better off just putting the old HDD in your new pc and transfer that way. you may need a IDE to SATA adapter though.

you can try here http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=53660 or here http://www.technical-assistance.co.uk/kb/usbmsd98.php but the drive may be too big for 98 to use. still the best way would be to install the old HDD as your "E" drive on the new pc. even if you got an external HDD caddy, (about 10-15 bucks) win7 will let you access it np.


good luck.

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My eye sight is very poor. There's no way I could see well enough to do anything with moving drives.


The files I need to move total 142MB. That's it. They're not too big to move using the Flash Voyager.


The Windows 98 computer is a 32bit system. The new Windows 7 computer is a 64bit system.


I just need the Flash Voyager driver to use with Windows 98. Any idea where I can get that at?

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